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1. Kitae Jeong,  Jaechul Sung,  Seokhie Hong,  Sangjin Lee,  Jae Heon Kim,  Deukjo Hong,  Improved Fast Correlation Attack on the Shrinking and Self-shrinking Generators, pp. 260 - 270, VIETCRYPT 2006.

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2. Dong Hoon Lee,  Jae Heon Kim,  Jin Hong,  Jae Woo Han,  Dukjae Moon,  Algebraic Attacks on Summation Generators, pp. 34 - 48, FSE 2004.

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3. Seong-Hun Paeng,  Kil-Chan Ha,  Jae Heon Kim,  Seongtaek Chee,  Choonsik Park,  New Public Key Cryptosystem Using Finite Non Abelian Groups, pp. 470 - 485, CRYPTO 2001.

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