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1. Deukjo Hong,  Seokhie Hong,  Wonil Lee,  Sangjin Lee,  Jongin Lim,  Jaechul Sung,  Okyeon Yi,  Known-IV, Known-in-Advance-IV, and Replayed-and-Known-IV Attacks on Multiple Modes of Operation of Block Ciphers, Journal of Cryptology, Volume 19(4), pp. 441 - 462, Springer, 2006.

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Conference Papers

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1. Eunjin Lee,  Donghoon Chang,  Jongsung Kim,  Jaechul Sung,  Seokhie Hong,  Second Preimage Attack on 3-Pass HAVAL and Partial Key-Recovery Attacks on HMAC/NMAC-3-Pass HAVAL, pp. 189 - 206, FSE 2008.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 6 times ]

2. Kitae Jeong,  Jaechul Sung,  Seokhie Hong,  Sangjin Lee,  Jae Heon Kim,  Deukjo Hong,  Improved Fast Correlation Attack on the Shrinking and Self-shrinking Generators, pp. 260 - 270, VIETCRYPT 2006.

[Electronic Edition][No citation]

3. Deukjo Hong,  Donghoon Chang,  Jaechul Sung,  Sangjin Lee,  Seokhie Hong,  Jaesang Lee,  Dukjae Moon,  Sungtaek Chee,  A New Dedicated 256-Bit Hash Function: FORK-256, pp. 195 - 209, FSE 2006.

[Electronic Edition][IACR Online ArchiveIACR Online Archive][Cited 35 times ]

4. Deukjo Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Seokhie Hong,  Jongin Lim,  Sangjin Lee,  Bonseok Koo,  Changhoon Lee,  Donghoon Chang,  Jaesang Lee,  Kitae Jeong,  Hyun Kim,  Jongsung Kim,  Seongtaek Chee,  HIGHT: A New Block Cipher Suitable for Low-Resource Device, pp. 46 - 59, CHES 2006.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 73 times Red Star]

5. Deukjo Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Seokhie Hong,  Sangjin Lee,  How to Construct Universal One-Way Hash Functions of Order , pp. 63 - 76, INDOCRYPT 2005.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 1 times ]

6. Changhoon Lee,  Jongsung Kim,  Seokhie Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Sangjin Lee,  Related-Key Differential Attacks on Cobra-S128, Cobra-F64a, and Cobra-F64b, pp. 244 - 262, MYCRYPT 2005.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 9 times ]

7. Youngdai Ko,  Changhoon Lee,  Seokhie Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Sangjin Lee,  Related-Key Attacks on DDP Based Ciphers: CIKS-128 and CIKS-128H, pp. 191 - 205, INDOCRYPT 2004.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 9 times ]

8. Donghoon Chang,  Wonil Lee,  Seokhie Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Sangjin Lee,  Soo Hak Sung,  Impossibility of Construction of OWHF and UOWHF from PGV Model Based on Block Cipher Secure Against ACPCA, pp. 328 - 342, INDOCRYPT 2004.

[Electronic Edition][No citation]

9. Seokhie Hong,  Jongsung Kim,  Guil Kim,  Jaechul Sung,  Changhoon Lee,  Sangjin Lee,  Impossible Differential Attack on 30-Round SHACAL-2, pp. 97 - 106, INDOCRYPT 2003.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 20 times ]

10. Jongsung Kim,  Seokhie Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Changhoon Lee,  Sangjin Lee,  Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis for Block Cipher Structures, pp. 82 - 96, INDOCRYPT 2003.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 20 times ]

11. Donghoon Chang,  Jaechul Sung,  Soo Hak Sung,  Sangjin Lee,  Jongin Lim,  Full-Round Differential Attack on the Original Version of the Hash Function Proposed at PKC'98, pp. 160 - 174, SAC 2002.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 2 times ]

12. Deukjo Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Seokhie Hong,  Wonil Lee,  Sangjin Lee,  Jongin Lim,  Okyeon Yi,  Known-IV Attacks on Triple Modes of Operation of Block Ciphers, pp. 208 - 221, ASIACRYPT 2001.

[Electronic Edition][IACR Online ArchiveIACR Online Archive][Cited 6 times ]

13. Deukjo Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Shiho Moriai,  Sangjin Lee,  Jongin Lim,  Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Zodiac, pp. 300 - 311, FSE 2001.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 3 times ]

14. Jaechul Sung,  Sangjin Lee,  Jongin Lim,  Seokhie Hong,  Sangjoon Park,  Provable Security for the Skipjack-like Structure against Differential Cryptanalysis and Linear Cryptanalysis, pp. 274 - 288, ASIACRYPT 2000.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 14 times ]

15. Seokhie Hong,  Sangjin Lee,  Jongin Lim,  Jaechul Sung,  Dong Hyeon Cheon,  Inho Cho,  Provable Security against Differential and Linear Cryptanalysis for the SPN Structure, pp. 273 - 283, FSE 2000.

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