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1. Alexandre F. Tenca,  Ć‡etin Kaya KoƧ,  A Scalable Architecture for Montgomery Multiplication, pp. 94 - 108, CHES 1999.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 127 times Red StarRed Star]

2. Erkay Savas,  Alexandre F. Tenca,  Ć‡etin Kaya KoƧ,  A Scalable and Unified Multiplier Architecture for Finite Fields GF(p) and GF(2^m), pp. 277 - 292, CHES 2000.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 119 times Red StarRed Star]

3. Alexandre F. Tenca,  Georgi Todorov,  Ć‡etin Kaya KoƧ,  High-Radix Design of a Scalable Modular Multiplier, pp. 185 - 201, CHES 2001.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 71 times Red Star]

4. Adnan Abdul-Aziz Gutub,  Alexandre F. Tenca,  Erkay Savas,  Ć‡etin Kaya KoƧ,  Scalable and Unified Hardware to Compute Montgomery Inverse in GF(p) and GF(2), pp. 484 - 499, CHES 2002.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 46 times ]

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