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1. Adrian Antipa,  Daniel R. L. Brown,  Robert P. Gallant,  Robert J. Lambert,  René Struik,  Scott A. Vanstone,  Accelerated Verification of ECDSA Signatures, pp. 307 - 318, SAC 2005.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 12 times ]

2. Robert P. Gallant,  Robert J. Lambert,  Scott A. Vanstone,  Faster Point Multiplication on Elliptic Curves with Efficient Endomorphisms, pp. 190 - 200, CRYPTO 2001.

[Electronic Edition][IACR Online ArchiveIACR Online Archive][Cited 124 times Red StarRed Star]

3. Daniel R. L. Brown,  Robert P. Gallant,  Scott A. Vanstone,  Provably Secure Implicit Certificate Schemes, pp. 147 - 156, FC 2001.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 11 times ]

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