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1. Deukjo Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Seokhie Hong,  Jongin Lim,  Sangjin Lee,  Bonseok Koo,  Changhoon Lee,  Donghoon Chang,  Jaesang Lee,  Kitae Jeong,  Hyun Kim,  Jongsung Kim,  Seongtaek Chee,  HIGHT: A New Block Cipher Suitable for Low-Resource Device, pp. 46 - 59, CHES 2006.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 73 times Red Star]

2. Changhoon Lee,  Jongsung Kim,  Seokhie Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Sangjin Lee,  Related-Key Differential Attacks on Cobra-S128, Cobra-F64a, and Cobra-F64b, pp. 244 - 262, MYCRYPT 2005.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 9 times ]

3. Youngdai Ko,  Changhoon Lee,  Seokhie Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Sangjin Lee,  Related-Key Attacks on DDP Based Ciphers: CIKS-128 and CIKS-128H, pp. 191 - 205, INDOCRYPT 2004.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 9 times ]

4. Seokhie Hong,  Jongsung Kim,  Guil Kim,  Jaechul Sung,  Changhoon Lee,  Sangjin Lee,  Impossible Differential Attack on 30-Round SHACAL-2, pp. 97 - 106, INDOCRYPT 2003.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 20 times ]

5. Jongsung Kim,  Seokhie Hong,  Jaechul Sung,  Changhoon Lee,  Sangjin Lee,  Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis for Block Cipher Structures, pp. 82 - 96, INDOCRYPT 2003.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 20 times ]

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