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1. Jorge Guajardo,  Sandeep S. Kumar,  Geert Jan Schrijen,  Pim Tuyls,  FPGA Intrinsic PUFs and Their Use for IP Protection, pp. 63 - 80, CHES 2007.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 92 times Red Star]

2. Sandeep S. Kumar,  Christof Paar,  Jan Pelzl,  Gerd Pfeiffer,  Manfred Schimmler,  Breaking Ciphers with COPACOBANA - A Cost-Optimized Parallel Code Breaker, pp. 101 - 118, CHES 2006.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 63 times Red Star]

3. Guido Bertoni,  Jorge Guajardo,  Sandeep S. Kumar,  Gerardo Orlando,  Christof Paar,  Thomas J. Wollinger,  Efficient GF (pm) Arithmetic Architectures for Cryptographic Applications, pp. 158 - 175, CT-RSA 2003.

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