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1. Claude Crépeau,  Jeroen van de Graaf,  Alain Tapp,  Committed Oblivious Transfer and Private Multi-Party Computation, pp. 110 - 123, CRYPTO 1995.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 102 times Red StarRed Star]

2. Ernest F. Brickell,  David Chaum,  Ivan Damgard,  Jeroen van de Graaf,  Gradual and Verifiable Release of a Secret, pp. 156 - 166, CRYPTO 1987.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 104 times Red StarRed Star]

3. Jeroen van de Graaf,  René Peralta,  A Simple and Secure Way to Show the Validity of Your Public Key, pp. 128 - 134, CRYPTO 1987.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 73 times Red Star]

4. David Chaum,  Ivan Damgard,  Jeroen van de Graaf,  Multiparty Computations Ensuring Privacy of Each Party's Input and Correctness of the Result, pp. 87 - 119, CRYPTO 1987.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 161 times Red StarRed Star]

5. David Chaum,  Jan-Hendrik Evertse,  Jeroen van de Graaf,  An Improved Protocol for Demonstrating Possession of Discrete Logarithms and Some Generalizations, pp. 127 - 141, EUROCRYPT 1987.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 233 times Red StarRed Star]

6. David Chaum,  Jan-Hendrik Evertse,  Jeroen van de Graaf,  René Peralta,  Demonstrating Possession of a Discrete Logarithm Without Revealing It, pp. 200 - 212, CRYPTO 1986.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 100 times Red StarRed Star]

7. René Peralta,  Jeroen van de Graaf,  A Simple and Fast Probabilistic Algorithm for Computing Square Roots Modulo a Prime Number, pp. 15 - 15, EUROCRYPT 1986.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 67 times Red Star]

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