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1. Marc Stevens,  Alexander Sotirov,  Jacob Appelbaum,  Arjen K. Lenstra,  David Molnar,  Dag Arne Osvik,  Benjamin M. M. de Weger,  Short Chosen-Prefix Collisions for MD5 and the Creation of a Rogue CA Certificate, pp. 55 - 69, CRYPTO 2009.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 48 times ]

2. Marc Stevens,  Arjen K. Lenstra,  Benjamin M. M. de Weger,  Chosen-Prefix Collisions for MD5 and Colliding X.509 Certificates for Different Identities, pp. 1 - 22, EUROCRYPT 2007.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 65 times Red Star]

3. Arjen K. Lenstra,  Benjamin M. M. de Weger,  Twin RSA, pp. 222 - 228, MYCRYPT 2005.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 5 times ]

4. Matthias Ernst,  Ellen Jochemsz,  Alexander May,  Benjamin M. M. de Weger,  Partial Key Exposure Attacks on RSA up to Full Size Exponents, pp. 371 - 386, EUROCRYPT 2005.

[Electronic Edition][IACR Online ArchiveIACR Online Archive][Cited 44 times ]

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