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1. Oded Goldreich,  Silvio Micali,  Avi Wigderson,  Proofs that Yield Nothing but Their Validity or All Languages in NP Have Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems, Journal of the ACM, Volume 38(3), pp. 690 - 728, Association for Computing Machinery, 1991.

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1. Boaz Barak,  Russell Impagliazzo,  Avi Wigderson,  Extracting Randomness Using Few Independent Sources, pp. 384 - 393, FOCS 2004.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 69 times Red Star]

2. Ivan Damgard,  Oded Goldreich,  Tatsuaki Okamoto,  Avi Wigderson,  Honest Verifier vs Dishonest Verifier in Public Coin Zero-Knowledge Proofs, pp. 325 - 338, CRYPTO 1995.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 30 times ]

3. Michael Ben-Or,  Shafi Goldwasser,  Joe Kilian,  Avi Wigderson,  Efficient Identification Schemes Using Two Prover Interactive Proofs, pp. 498 - 506, CRYPTO 1989.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 14 times ]

4. Oded Goldreich,  Silvio Micali,  Avi Wigderson,  How to Prove all NP-Statements in Zero-Knowledge, and a Methodology of Cryptographic Protocol Design, pp. 171 - 185, CRYPTO 1986.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 85 times Red Star]

5. Danny Dolev,  Avi Wigderson,  On the Security of Multi-Party Protocols in Distributed Systems, pp. 167 - 175, CRYPTO 1982.

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