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1. Boaz Barak,  Oded Goldreich,  Russell Impagliazzo,  Steven Rudich,  Amit Sahai,  Salil P. Vadhan,  Ke Yang,  On the (Im)possibility of Obfuscating Programs, pp. 1 - 18, CRYPTO 2001.

[Electronic Edition][IACR Online ArchiveIACR Online Archive][Cited 441 times Red StarRed StarRed Star]

2. Steven Rudich,  The Use of Interaction in Public Cryptosystems (Extended Abstract), pp. 242 - 251, CRYPTO 1991.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 30 times ]

3. Russell Impagliazzo,  Steven Rudich,  Limits on the Provable Consequences of One-way Permutations, pp. 8 - 26, CRYPTO 1988.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 276 times Red StarRed StarRed Star]

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