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1. Régis Dupont,  Andreas Enge,  François Morain,  Building Curves with Arbitrary Small MOV Degree over Finite Prime Fields, Journal of Cryptology, Volume 18(2), pp. 79 - 89, Springer, 2005.

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1. Stefania Cavallar,  Bruce Dodson,  Arjen K. Lenstra,  Walter M. Lioen,  Peter L. Montgomery,  Brian Murphy,  Herman te Riele,  Karen Aardal,  Jeff Gilchrist,  Gérard Guillerm,  Paul C. Leyland,  Joël Marchand,  François Morain,  Alec Muffett,  Chris Putnam,  Craig Putnam,  Paul Zimmermann,  Factorization of a 512-Bit RSA Modulus, pp. 1 - 18, EUROCRYPT 2000.

[Electronic Edition][IACR Online ArchiveIACR Online Archive][Cited 94 times Red Star]

2. Iwan M. Duursma,  Pierrick Gaudry,  François Morain,  Speeding up the Discrete Log Computation on Curves with Automorphisms, pp. 103 - 121, ASIACRYPT 1999.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 65 times Red Star]

3. Reynald Lercier,  François Morain,  Counting the Number of Points on Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields: Strategies and Performance, pp. 79 - 94, EUROCRYPT 1995.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 75 times Red Star]

4. François Morain,  Building Elliptic Curves Modulo Large Primes, pp. 328 - 336, EUROCRYPT 1991.

[Electronic Edition][No citation]

5. François Morain,  Distributed Primality Proving and the Primality of (2^3539+1)/3, pp. 110 - 123, EUROCRYPT 1990.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 22 times ]

6. François Morain,  Atkin's Test: News From the Front, pp. 626 - 635, EUROCRYPT 1989.

[Electronic Edition][Cited 7 times ]

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